Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Sleep, In-Laws, and Vagabond "Redecorating"

First of all, I probably want to knock on wood before I say this.

*knock on wood*

OK. Now that we have that settled...

Cali has been back to her beautiful routine of 14 hours of sleep, only waking once, for the past 2 nights. The past 2 weeks I think she's been teething/growth spurt and she's been waking every 1-2 hours!!! I've been a zombie. So the past 2 nights I've gotten at least 6 hours straight of sleep and I'm a new woman! 

I forgot what it felt like to not be constantly tired.

Even if she goes back to waking so often, at least I've recharged.

*knock on wood*
Just to be sure.

I get more smiles when she's well rested :)

T's parents are coming tomorrow and I'm really excited! They haven't seen Cali since we moved out here with T and she was 1 month old. She's a different baby now!

I loooove when people come to visit. 

Plus, it also gave me an excuse to buy new sheets and a blanket I've been eyeing.

This is what we call  "Vagabond Redecorating".


Don't be jealous of my window coverings either. 

I don't get to choose my furniture (we just get whatever the rental company gives us), and I have no decorations, so my "bedding" - I use that term loosely - is what I use to make wherever we're living feel homey. 

Here's a close up so you can see the patterns better. 

Tar-jay my friend!

Anyways, I'm excited for them to see her and it gives me grown up interaction!

Which I have seriously been lacking this season. I haven't wanted to take Cali to the games because I'm afraid of fly balls so I don't know too many of the wives this year. I can't wait until the off season when we can go to our "home" church and I can find a Bible Study and moms group.


I never thought I'd say that.

Anyways, T is home for 8 whole days! 

Until next time.

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