Friday, August 9, 2013

Hickies and Pacis

So I got Cali out of her crib this morning and noticed a bruise on her wrist.

At first I almost got sick thinking that somehow, during her night feeding, I had grabbed her too tightly or somehow did this to her. 

Then I caught her sucking on this exact spot and it clicked.

She had given herself a hicky.

So we're trying out every paci known to man.

These are just 2 of the probably 7 I tried.

No joke.

She doesn't love any of them but the first picture is by far her favorite. It's a MAM brand and it's almost like a fat bubble? It's the only one she'll keep in for any amount of time.

So that's what my day has looked like thus far. Keeping my kid from bruising herself. 

Well that, and trying to keep her stationary while I do things like pee and eat. 

Not at the same time.

I have to put her in her Bumbo. Other wise she rolls from back to front then to her back again like a rolypoly. She moved at least 3 feet in under 5 minutes today. That doesn't sound like a lot but it definitely means I am keeping a closer eye on her. 

Oh well. I really enjoy being at home with her and experiencing these things daily. I am so thankful that my husband makes it possible and sees the importance of it as well.


Don't want to start a debate. Just stating the fact that I'm really enjoying myself.

Later gator.