Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Off Day, Vaccines, & Sweet Love


I didn't write yesterday because T came home (YAY!) and he had an off day (DOUBLE YAY!!!). In baseball we don't get weekends and off days are rare. This season we've had (what feels like) more off days than most years in the past and we've only had 7 so far. 

Yes. That's 7 days total in 3 months that T's had off and that's a lot compared to what we're used to. 

Of course, my sister wife knows no mercy and she still steals him for a little while even on free days. So this is how we spent yesterday...

I really envy her ability to nap anywhere.

Anywhere except her crib that is...

Moving on.

Cali had her 4 month well checkup today and that meant the dreaded shots. She was scheduled for the exact same round of shots that she received at her 2 month checkup, minus a Hep-B because she had one at birth. The day of her 2 month shots was also our infamous first ER visit so naturally I was a little nervous going into it. I started researching the shots a little while ago and came across a few Pediatric Journal entries on how some pediatricians advise postponing the Rotavirus vaccine in children with gastrointestinal issues until their GI tract has had more time to mature. So T and I talked it over and decided that we'd talk to our pediatrician and get her advice. Once she explained why some peds make that recommendation and then OK'd postponing Cali's until her 6 month checkup, we made the decision to go ahead and wait. 

I know the Rotavirus vaccine didn't give her colitis the last time because she was already having issues. But I do feel like it aggravated the problem and I didn't want to go through all of that again; more so, I didn't want to put Cali through all of that again. She has been doing SO WELL since I took gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, and tree nuts out of my diet and I felt like we had worked so hard to get to where we are and I didn't want to take a step back. That being said, I'm very comfortable with our decision to wait until her gut has had more time to develop before giving her the vaccine. 

Of course the vaccine we eliminated today was the only oral vaccine and she still had to get her shots. 


I love those chunky baby legs.

Our doc said she's doing great and developing well.


I see it every day but it never gets old having a professional tell me that. Music to this mama's ears.

Also, the nurse that gives Cali her shots is a ninja. I'm really going to miss her when we move! Ha. Before I even had time to lean down and kiss Cali's head, that girl was finished. 

I loved it.

Not the shots. The speediness.

After the doc we dropped T off at the field and Cali fell asleep in the car. I had to wake her up from a nap for her appointment so I didn't want to wake her up again.

So I maybe, might have (OK, definitely did) sat in the car for 2 hours while she slept. Thus proving my point of why you should ALWAYS have a good book with you.

Whatever. She was exhausted and got shots today so I have no regrets.

When we got home she played while I ate some dinner. I was rinsing out my bowl in the kitchen (6 steps from where she was) and I come back to this!

I actually missed the first time she rolled over from back to front!!!

She never figured out how to get her left arm to cooperate though. 

When I rolled her over to her back again, this is the face I got...


HA. Love her.

We moved our little party to the bed and did some cuddling and chatting. You can't tell by this picture but she's talking up a storm here.

All in all (minus the shots), it's been a great 2 days. I love having the boy back at home and we especially love off days. The season is quickly coming to a close and it's always a little bittersweet. I love watching T do what he loves and being a part of his journey, but I also love having him home every night. This little family that God has blessed me with is so amazing to me. Sometimes when I'm cooking breakfast in the morning and look over at T and Cali cuddling/talking/playing, so much love fills my heart that it hurts. I'm not big on emotions but I am so very thankful for those 2.

OK. Enough of the mushy.

T's on his way home from his mistress and I'm going to finish watching the finale episode of the Bachelorette on Hulu (I'm pulling for a Brooks' return but thanks to Twitter I know Chris wins). Also, I plan on making T watch the Bachelor with me in January and hopefully I can get him to talk Spanish to me while we watch Juan Pablo. 

Until then.

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