Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Extending Feedings and Changing My "Normal"

So for the past few weeks Cali has been spitting up more than normal. I know that it peaks around this age but, as usual, I like to try and find the root of the problem.

When I spoke with our GI Specialist he told me that feeding her less but more often would help her tummy feel better so about 2 months ago I went back to nursing her every 2 hours. Yes, it is extremely draining and time consuming but I figured if it helped her feel better I'd try anything. 

Now, 2 months later, I don't think it's helping. I think it's actually worse. She is starting to "snack" and most often than not, she spits up after eating. It's not a constant thing just once or twice after she eats so I feel like her stomach is taking in more than she can handle. 

So now I am wanting to extend her feedings back to every 3 hours but I'm not sure how to do that. At this point she's used to eating every 2 hours so she fusses for it but then doesn't eat a lot. So over the next few weeks, I'll be slowly trying to push her back to every 3 hours.

This'll be fun.

More parenting experiments.

I'm still (4 months later) getting used to this "new normal". Before Cali came along my days were filled with work, working out, cleaning, cooking, and TV watching - all at my own leisure. Now I'm learning to adjust my days with her in them and also find "Whitney Time".

Seeing as how my kid hates naps, Cali's bedtime is really the only time I have to get anything done. That's when I prep tomorrow's food, clean, and do my "workout" (I put this in parenthesis because I'm still not sure I consider what I'm doing an actual workout but, again, "new normal"). So that really leaves very little time to read a book or catch up on my shows.

I know all of you veteran moms are saying "Welcome to motherhood!" and I knew what I was getting into when we decided to have children but it's still an adjustment. I used to crave alone time and during T's roadtrips was when I would re-charge. 

Hours of Gilmore Girls and takeout Chinese usually did the trick.

But now I'm learning how to re-charge without hours to myself and still taking care of a tiny human.

It's a great problem to have. I realize how blessed I am to have her.

Also, I love me some morning Cali cuddles.