Wednesday, July 10, 2013

first, a little about myself


I am whitney.
Child of the King.
Wife to T.
New mom to Cali.

I wanted to start blogging as a way to "frame" this special time in our lives. You see, about 3 1/2 years ago I married the most absolutely wonderful man I've ever met.

We had a small, intimate wedding on Christmas Eve of 2009. We spent a couple of years having fun as a married couple and then approximately 3 1/2 months ago we were blessed with this beautiful little girl...

Cali Mays Gustafson.
Since then life has been a blur of feedings, diapers, cuddles, moving, baseball...
Oh yeah.
Baseball is my sister wife.
Notice my child's middle name?
My husband plays minor-league baseball and I've accepted her as T's other love. So we move. A lot. And if I'm honest, I love it. Not baseball, the lifestyle. Baseball and I have a... turbulent... relationship. I was born and raised in the South. Football has my heart.

When I went into labor with Cali, I was living (temporarily) with my family in Alabama. T was in spring training in Arizona and missed the birth by about 15 minutes... 

That's baseball for ya.

Anyways, this blog is where I write about things I love. Jesus, my family, fitness, food, and anything else that pops into my head. I'm still trying to lose the last of my baby weight so that will probably make a few appearances as well. I hope you enjoy and I'll talk to you soon!