Friday, July 19, 2013

When T's Away, We Play...

Well, T is off with his mistress again. A long trip this time...

Cali and I always get super bored when he is gone and so we usually end up taking a ton of pictures. 

Rather, I'm usually the one taking pictures. And while I'm not big on the whole game of "Let's make up what we think baby is saying", I do imagine her getting quite irritated at me for shoving a camera in her face first thing in the morning.

Oh well. It won't be the last time she's irritated with me I imagine.

These were actually taken while T was home. Now, I know he gets irritated with the camera first thing. 

Because he can actually tell me he's irritated.

I'm doing him a favor! He'll be glad he has these sweet pictures one day.

 That's why he married me. So I can tell him what's good for him...

Now we're getting to my boredom shots..


A smile!

She never smiles when I put the camera in front of her face.

So she was 16 weeks yesterday.

It seems crazy that time is flying by so quickly! She doesn't get to interact with many strangers yet because we never really go anywhere other than the grocery store and on walks, but we went to the apartment office yesterday and she got to meet the leasing lady.

She's such a flirt! She would smile and turn her head into me. 

I was putty.

She has her 4 month well checkup coming up and I can't wait to see how much she's grown. I feel like she is a completely different baby than the one I came here with!

Her naps are still sporadic but she seems  to be in good spirits so I'm not worried. She's also starting to notice her feet and the dog. It's absolutely adorable.

On another note, T ordered me this Candy Kirby Designs blanket and I can't wait for it to get here! I'm in love with her stuff.

Also, T's parents are coming in for a visit during his next homestand and we're excited about that. We love to see family! It gets a little lonely when we're in a city that's so far away. 

Until next time!

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