Monday, September 9, 2013

19 Reasons I Love My Husband

The end of baseball season is finally here. My sister wife has given my husband back...

For now.

However, I'm sure he'll miss his chocolate milk straw.

I mean, really. What a hard life.

T is back in school trying to finish up his degree. He was drafted after his Junior year and has 17 hours left. To say he is freaking out about his first *gasp* quiz tomorrow would be an understatement. It's adorably cute.

We're slowly making our way to our 4 year anniversary and I really can't believe how quickly it's passed. I guess what they say is true...

Time's fun when you're having flies.

That's what one frog said to another.

Muwahaha. I love a good joke.

Anyways, I thought that in honor of having recently re-aquired a husband, I'd stroke his ego a bit and make a list of the reasons I love him. So here we go.

1. He wears chocolate milk straw glasses. Need I say more?
2. He is an unbelievably great dad.

3. He makes me laugh. Since he was across the country when I went into labor, we had him on speaker phone during the process. WHILE I WAS PUSHING A HUMAN OUT OF MY BODY, T says "Man, I'm a little sore from the plane ride". He should be really glad I was feeling too good after the epidural to care. 
4. When he's making protein shakes in the blender, he does a "blender dance" that he made up.
5. He's a visual person so when he's telling me a story, he often uses props to build a "set" so that he can point out things as he goes along.
6. Speaking of his stories... he can make one go on for a loooong time. He's very detailed.
7. He watches football with our daughter.

8. When I'm frustrated with him (which never happens) he will continue to annoy me until I have no choice but to laugh and not be frustrated anymore.
9. His faith is solid and his feet are firm. He doesn't waiver from what he believes to be right.
10. He's really tall so he can clean the ceiling fans. Every woman should have a ceiling fan cleaner...

11. He sometimes tells me the same story multiple times, having forgot that he's already told me.
12. He always (most of the time) smells really good.
13. It takes him about 15 minutes to change Cali's diapers because he's (still) so afraid of hurting her somehow.

14. He works extremely hard at everything he does and never quits before something is finished.
15. He's honest. Sometimes brutally honest. Most of the time more than I want him to be.
16. He jumped out of a plane before he proposed because it was on my bucket list. He hates stuff like that.
17. I get texts like this from him...

18. He's doing Whole30 with me for support.
19. He's my best friend. (Say it together now... 'Awww')

Ok. Enough sappy for one night. I don't want to make his head so big that it won't fit through the door.

But there you go. 19 reasons why I love my husband. There are obviously more but it's late, I'm tired, and he's currently bugging me so I can't focus to write any longer.