Saturday, September 7, 2013


Sorry I've been MIA! Cali and I spent the past week with my parents in Alabama and T had the computer so he could do school work. But guess what!

He's HOME!!!!

The off-season has officially started and I couldn't be happier!

Before the season ended, T did get to meet this guy...

Don't recognize him?

How about this guy...


T gets to have all the fun.

Anyways, we picked him up from the airport today and Cali was soooo happy to see him. They chilled out on the couch and watched the Georgia vs. S.Carolina game.


She was a lot more interested in that sport than she was baseball.
(Shhh. I bribed her with milk to be on my side.)

Ok. I'm exhausted but now that T is back with the computer I'll be back hanging around here on a regular basis. I've got some blog ideas kicking around in this head of mine.

Until then...