Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Update as of Late

Sorry I have been so sparce! This week is KICKING. MY. BUTT.

Cali is in the middle of a growth spurt/wonder week/wakeupeveryhouronthehour week. Whatever you want to call it, it's brutal. She finally started sleeping through the night again and then BAM! Out of nowhere decides not to anymore. I really think she's trying to learn how to crawl and is waking herself up when she catapults her head into the crib. She hasn't quite figured out how to use her hands when her knees and feet push.

If she weren't so cute...

The difference is that this time, I have T home to help! She was fighting a nap the other day with a fiery passion so the best husband in the world (don't dispute me on that, I'll just argue) took Cali on a walk while I napped. Luckily, she took a cat nap in the stroller while he was walking her...

So here's a little of what's been going on around here:

T is back on campus trying to finish up his degree. Cali and I have been driving him in and walking around while he's in class. Luckily, the weather here is much milder than in OK.

I made homemade Larabars twice and could eat an entire pan in one sitting. That's my "dessert" these days. I sure do miss Ben and Jerry sometimes.

I discovered the Dekalb County Farmers Market and it's the most amazing place I've ever been. Next to Disney of course.

I left Cali in her first nursery the other day!!!! Granted, it was at the gym, I was less than 50 yards away, and it was for about 30 minutes but it was hard none the less. This was the first time I've ever left her with anyone other than T. I managed to only look in on her twice. Success. We're doing it again tomorrow at church. I'll try not to ball up in a corner of the sanctuary and cry. When we got home, I had a mild panic attack thinking that she would like the nursery worker better than me because she handled it so well. I held her a little longer while she napped after that :)

Basically, Cali and I are thoroughly enjoying having T home all the time. He's been making up for missed opportunities and it's great to watch him and Cali bond. They'll be thick as thieves! 

I promise I haven't abandoned you and I'll be hanging around back here more often. Sleep deprived and all.

Until then...