Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lazy Day Sundays

Today was a good day. T can finally go to church with me and I love going as a new little family! I feel so grown up dropping a kid off at nursery. 

Speaking of being a grown up... T made the comment today that he can't believe he's considered a grown up since he's owned a reversible dress belt for so long. HA. I guess we don't feel like grownups just yet.

So we went to church, went out to eat with my mom and dad who came into town, then came home. T is coaching a travel baseball team this off season so he had a game tonight but Cali and I took a nap. A loooong nap. I napped for 2 hours and she napped for 3!

T snuck a picture before he left. She always naps longer when I lay down with her, it's just hard for me to relax enough to be willing to do nothing for 2-3 hours. I always have a "to-do" list running through my head but whenever I do lay down and nap with her, I'm never sorry. I love these special moments.

During the baseball season Cali and I would take a bath together every night before bed. She would lay on my chest and I'd scratch her back and sing to her. It was very sweet and very relaxing; one of my favorite times of the day! When we left Tulsa and headed back there was so much going on at the house that I would just bathe her really quick before bed by herself in the tub. And now that T is home, he does bath time. Night before last T was gone to a game and I thought Cali and I could have another one of our baths but boy was I wrong! In a matter of weeks she has become so much more playful and alert. She did not want a relaxing, sweet, bath with me - she wanted play time. 

It kind of made me sad! If I had known that our last bath in Tulsa would be the last of it's kind, I would have made it last just a little longer. Sometimes it hits me how fast she's growing and how quickly these "baby days" are passing. I'll never get them back so I'm trying to take a lot of care in savoring each minute. I'm so blessed to have her!

Anyways, I'm going to play with my little squirt.

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