Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Handmade Wish List for Baby

I heard today was the first day of Fall. I'm not actually sure whether or not this is accurate but I'll go with it! The weather was amazing today with just a bit of chill early this morning and evening. In honor of the cooler weather -and my favorite time of year - I'm writing up a Fall wish list for Cali. But not just any wish list. All of these items are handmade and/or independently owned. SUPPORT YOUR SMALL BUSINESSES! That's my advice for the day and another topic for another soapbox another time :)

So let's get started...

Wooden Toy Rainbow Stacker - Cali is getting to the age where she'll be old enough to play with these types of toys and I LOVE wooden toys. Like, love love. This handmade rainbow stacker is imperfectly perfect and oh so adorable.

Freshly Picked Moccasins - These moccasins are precious. T says she'd look like a hippie but I'd put Cali in these every day until she was old enough to tell me not to. Well, I'd obviously have to rotate them in with her Chucks but you get the point. They're great. They also come in all sorts of colors.

IvieBaby Quilt - I. CAN'T. TAKE. THIS. I actually don't have enough words for how much I love this quilt. From the second I found it I have been picturing how cute Cali would be dragging it around with her sleepy eyes when she starts to crawl. It's beautiful and girly and I'm coveting.

Hello Merch Sweatshirt - This is a great company. They have things for adults and children and I am pretty sure I'm a fan of it all. But one of my favorite things is little kids dressed in sweatshirts. They just look so cuddly and soft.

Candy Kirby Designs Leggins - You all know how much I love my Candy Kirby blanket. Well, these leggings in watercolor ikat have just as much of my heart. I love this fabric and can just see Cali's chunky baby legs in them. She also has a baby blanket out of this fabric that I want pretty bad as well!

Chaise Boheme Coloree - AKA... French (maybe?) chair. I actually have no idea what the description says but I came across this adorable chair while looking at BigCartel and fell. in. love.

Now to figure out how to get T to do my Cali's Christmas shopping from this list...

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