Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Food!

So yesterday was the day Cali has been waiting for...

Her first real food.

She's been interested in our food and trying to grab stuff off of our plates for over a month now. However, I was adamant about waiting until she was at least 6 months. To be honest, with all of her stomach issues I was terrified to start feeding her food but all went well. 

We decided on giving her avocado as her first food for a few reasons. Seeing as how she can't tolerate any grain we knew that oatmeal or rice cereal wouldn't work. Also, I won't get into a nutrition lesson with you but it's been called the world's most perfect food so, sure, I'll give it to her. 

Anyways, I of course took a million pictures and Cali LOVED the entire process. You can't tell it by the look on her face but don't let it kid you... She just takes food very seriously! 

I was able to get tons of pictures because she was A) strapped into a chair and couldn't go anywhere and B) preoccupied by food. So I'm sorry not sorry that I'm about to give you a picture overload. I'll even caption some of them for you. You've been warned.

 Food prep

This makes me laugh

 "What is going on, guys?"


"Give it back!"

"Gimme more!"

We weren't doing it fast enough. She took matters into her own hands.

"Watch how it's done guys"


"Where's the rest?"

Don't let the last few pictures fool you. While she loved the food, the smiles were for T who was standing behind me. He can ALWAYS get the smiles while she makes me put on a full comedy show to get a smirk.


Anyways, that's what's happening over here. We'll see how she does on Day 2!