Monday, October 21, 2013


This has been an overall crazy week.  Between T traveling, Cali playing the no-sleep game, and some other outside stuff going on, it's needless to say that I could use a breather (or caffeine IV).  So to rest the cobwebs that currently inhabit my brain I decided to share another one of T's writings...

First, he wanted me to explain something to you.  And he wanted me to be extremely clear, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  

That's what I heard, not what he said. 

 His writing is a...wait for it...poem.  He didn't want others to think that he wasn't a manly, tough guy. 

 What a delicate ego.  

In his defense he is back in school trying to finish his degree and one of the teachers that was willing to work with his schedule is the head of the Georgia Tech Poetry department.  Apparently for today's class, he was supposed to have researched a poem and prepared himself to read it aloud.  Since he missed the last Monday's class due to Cali's 6 month shots he also missed the announcement of the assignment.  Anyway, while in class he sent me a text (obviously not paying attention to class).  Here is that text.


I don't know much about the world
or the things in it.
Language and words escape me.
Facts and equations await me.
What I do know now, what I can feel now
is Freedom.

Freedom with arms stretched out.
A sense of danger and fear cannot phase
the security and safety his support provides.
Weightlessness. The wind. Happiness.
They envelop me.
For this flight around the yard
is ours to share.

I thought it was great. Flying is Cali's favorite thing to do so I felt like he hit the nail on the head.

Sorry ladies...

He's taken.

Until next time!