Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Pictures & Other Nonsense

I know this is sad but these are the first pictures we've "officially" taken as a family since Cali was born. We have one of all three of us in the hospital, one where we're in the stands at a baseball game, and I believe there might be one more floating around but this is the first time we've dressed up and sat down with the intent to have pictures taken.

Wow. That was a long, run-on, sentence. Sorry, grammar police.

Anyways. I, personally, don't like going to a place where they pose you in front of a background and take your pictures because I feel like you can get the same pictures at home without spending the money. Cheapo. If we were going to do it I figured it would be hiring someone to do "lifestyle" pictures or we'd grab someone from the Thanksgiving table and make them do it.

Again, cheap won out and my sister-in-law snapped these in between meals. Maybe I'll spring the big bucks for a photographer when Cali turns 1.

Or not. We'll see.

All of that just to show you 6 pictures that (mostly) all look alike. I'm sorry. Here we go.

I love the last one of T and Cali. My in-laws' dog is photo bombing it which makes it even better in my opinion. 

 I thought it would be cute to have Cali wear her adorable stocking cap with the flower but looking at the pictures now, it might not have been the best fashion choice for the event. And I also thought it'd be cute to dress Cali in pink and gray and then have T in pink and me in grey but seeing how they turned out, it just looks like I didn't get the pink memo. 

Oh well. You live and you learn. Seeing how this was my first family picture to style us in, I'm hoping I'll learn. 

On a different note, I'm starting to gather ideas for Cali's first birthday!!!! Really, it's the main reason I had a kid so that I could get cute pictures of her with cake all over her face. But now I have a girl who can't have cake so I'm not really sure how to rectify the situation but I'll think of something. :) 

And I'm joking about that being the main reason.

And her birthday is right around opening day of baseball so T won't be home and we probably won't either so we may have to have an 11 month birthday.


I have to laugh because baseball makes me crazy.

Anyways, I'm off to change a blowout diaper. Wish me luck.