Friday, January 10, 2014

9 Months! and Cheating...

I'm super duper late on this… I know. Cali turned 9 months almost 2 weeks ago and between the move and freezing our butts off, I've failed in my mommy picture taking duties. Not only am I posting these late but…

I never even took a 9 month photo shoot.

I know.

I'm horrible. 

Like I said, maybe one of these days I'll get it together. Until then, this is what we're stuck with. I went back through my phone and just tried to pick out some pictures that were taken within a week of her 9 month "birthday" and that's what I'm going with. The ones in the crib were taken on the actual day but all of the others I just tried to pick pictures that capture the little human that she is these days.

Which of course is a handful.

A cute, adorable, stubborn, toothless, handful.

These may (definitely) qualify as the worst pictures ever but it is what it is, ya know?

Here we go.

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