Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink and Gold Cookies and Milk FIRST BIRTHDAY

This is a big one. 

As in, O-N-E.

We had Cali's first birthday on March 29 and I was so happy with how it turned out. We had a cookies and milk party with the colors of pink and gold. The only disappointment was the fact that we had to have the party inside after days of planning for it to be outside. The lighting isn't great in the room and it's HUGE so placement of things was a bit tricky but all in all, I'm so happy with the end result. 

These aren't great party pics but it'll be enough for you to get the idea.

I hope you enjoy!

Cali's sad, little, allergen free cake. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find soy free icing so I had to make my own out of coconut butter and it was a big FAIL. She didn't love it.

How cute are these amazing gold animal cake toppers?? My cousin Maddox did them and I loved it!

Cookies galore.

My great-grandmother. That's Cali's great-great-grandmother.

My two favorite people IN THE WORLD.

Cali with my mom and brother.

I know there are people in the background but I wanted you to get a full shot of the cake table.

You can't have him, ladies. This fine gentleman is all mine.

See? The poor thing was like, "Why are you feeding me this?"

This was as messy as she got.

Hands on her hips in protest of the allergen free cake and icing. 

Now she's yelling at us.

Oh my goodness. I have the cutest kid ever. Sorry all of you other moms.

"Enough! I demand the real thing!"

Then the ham went off and walked for everybody. Girl sure does know how to be the life of the party.

Some of my favorite girlies in the world.

Five generations, y'all. FIVE GENERATIONS.

My dad with some of my sisters.

She finally took a break from all of her entertaining duties to take a picture with me. 

I've given up on every having a family photo where we're all looking at the camera. 

Anyways, I hope you liked the pictures. We sure enjoyed the party!

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