Sunday, April 24, 2016

5 Words (((I Think))) You Should Say to Your Kids Everyday

I get it. 

You didn't technically ask for my advice on parenting. And I know. 

Unsolicited parenting advice is super annoying. Like, up there with smacking and fingernails on the chalkboard kind of annoying.  

So, I'm forewarning you that this is unsolicited parenting advice and if you don't want to hear it, I'm giving you full permission to click away and go do whatever else it is that you do on the internet. 

Like, Pinterest. Or something.


I happen to think this is great advice (duh) and I think you should read it so if you're still here, you're welcome. 


Cali is at the age where the when, where, and how, of discipline comes up on a daily basis.

(Honestly, with that child, it comes up on an hourly basis but who's keeping track?)

And I'll be the first to tell you that this shish is hard and I'm not even close to figuring it out. But there are 5 words that I've come to realize she needs to hear and I try to say them to her at least once a day.

You ready for them?

Ok. Here they are...


That's it. Earth shattering stuff, right?

*eye roll*

No. It's not. I understand that. But I do think that it's become necessary to voice these words. We've become conditioned to have everything easy. 

Fast food, problems resolved in 30 minute sitcoms, downloadable music at our fingertips instead of having to *gasp* drive to a store for a CD.

We are spoiled and catered to and we want everything easy. That's not a bad thing. Convenience. But it has primed us to be lazy. So when Cali faces something that's a little tough and she looks and says something like "You do it, Mommy" I'm making an effort to say "No, Cali. You do it. You can do hard things."

She'll face things in life a lot harder than putting on her shoes or finishing a puzzle but if she doesn't learn how to push through the frustrating work on these little things, it will be a lot harder for her to learn later in life on the big things. My hope is that in teaching her this it not only teaches her how to work hard and not give up but that it builds her confidence. There are few things in life that are more rewarding than working hard for something then seeing the fruits of your efforts. I hope it gives her confidence in her choices and the satisfaction of knowing that she's capable.

So, the words aren't new and they sound kind of obvious but I thought I'd share. God only knows how beat up kids' confidence will get throughout life. Maaaaaaybe teaching them that they're strong and capable will help them bounce back from disappointments. 

Also, these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post but they're cute and I wanted to show off my cute kids.

(And that handsome husband of mine)

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