Sunday, April 10, 2016

Black, White, & BOLD Kid's Birthday




However you want me to address you.


I knew on a cognitive level when we decided to have children that they wouldn't stay babies forever. I've seen children all around me grow up so I understand, technically, that it works that way. But to watch my very own baby. My first child. My fireball. My child. To watch her grow up before my very eyes? It has been so surreal. It's literally like I blinked and she was a walking, talking, (semi) functioning human.


Anyways. I managed to not have a complete breakdown and we had a ton of fun celebrating her birthday. I SERIOUSLY toned down the party craze this year. The first two years we went big. It took forever to plan and I ran around like crazy. They were great parties and I really enjoyed doing it but this year I just didn't have the mental capacity or the physical energy to put into a large party. So we went small. Super small. But we still had fun!

It was kind of themeless but we're calling it "Black, White, and BOLD". Just going off the colors.


This is her "best cousin, Gabby". They're seriously in love with each other and I'm so grateful that she has this friendship.

This is it, folks. The extent of our decorating. 

Thank you, Target.

We had smoked pork butt sandwiches, fruit, cheese platter, pasta salad, and roasted green beans.

Rainbow cake, ice cream cones, and strawberry pie for dessert.

 Confetti cake for the win!

We had so much fun! I may never go back to big parties again. 

Thats a lie but we did enjoy the simple!

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