Saturday, September 24, 2016


So, this post/new feature came about thanks to my wonderful grandmother who insists on reminding me at least weekly that I haven't blogged in a while. 

Thanks, Mam.

*eye roll*

I will be honest. Nash isn't sleeping and I'm exhausted, and sometimes it's just too much effort to think about something to write. But then it came to me.

Write about your kids.


It's why I started this blog to begin with. To "frame" these special times in our lives. 

So I thought I would *try* to remember to do a new feature called "Snapshots" at least monthly. 

I'm sure my grandmother will remind me...

It'll just be me writing down things I don't want to forget about what's going on with us right now. The little things.

So, here we go...

CALI (3.5 yrs)

Guys, I don't even know where to begin with this child.


She is sassy, and witty, and wild. But she's also sweet, and thoughtful, and loving.

She is, most often, the hardest part of my day.

But, most often, the best part of my day. 

She is a contradiction at every turn.

I couldn't love her more.

A few things she's doing now that I want to remember:

She LOVES pretend play. She could play in her playroom for HOURS by herself, and she does! She's got baby dolls and school supplies, and grocery carts. She is very into being the teacher right now since she just started preschool!

Do you see those sweet arms wrapped around my neck??? Priceless.
She LOVES Nash. She's constantly saying "My baby needs me!" And he loves her! She loves to play the belly drums on him *eye roll*. She also has her daddy's very astute timing for flattery. She loves a well-timed "You're my best friend, Mommy" when she's getting a lecture or a "Just give me a big hug. I've missed you" when I'm telling her to clean her room.

I will not lie and say it doesn't work sometimes.

She's going through a pants-less phase. Seriously. She often doesn't want to leave the house and if you ask her why she'll say "Ee-cuz I don't want to wear short, Mom". Oh. That's another thing. She's insisting on calling us "Mom and Dad". Like she's a freaking teenager. I'm fairly certain she just does it because she knows I hate it. 

She started back ballet and still loves it. I'm hoping she eventually gets better at it because, I'll be honest, "finesse" isn't really her thing. She's more suited for something a little more... sturdy. Something like... football? Oh well.

She is still quite the Daddy's girl. He comes through the door after work and she get so excited. She runs to him yelling "DADDY'S HOME! DADDY'S HOME!!!" And gives him big hugs. Maybe one day she'll get half that excited to see me.

She's wonderfully patient with Nash. If he grabs her hair or pulls on her, she will just calmly say "No buddy. You're hurting me" then gently dislodge herself from him. 

She's also verbalizing her emotions these days. She likes to tell me "Mom, may I please have my privacy? You're fuh-strating me". *Alllllll the eye rolls* 

But hey, kid. I get it. 

Anyways, I could go on forever about her. Because as much as she drives me bat-sheesh crazy most days, she is one of my best friends. LOVE HER. 

NASH (9 months)

This sweet boy...

I realize that he's only a baby still but he is the sweetest. Seriously. He never really cries unless he's hungry (then you better feedtheboy), he's very serious about his food. He will just sit in your lap and smile and play and be content. He's a horrible sleeper, though. Seriously. He's currently waking up every 1-2 hours. Having already raised a horrible sleeper I know it passes so I'm just (im)patiently waiting for that day.

He always has a smile on his face. He's pulling up and walking around while holding on to furniture. He loves eggs, and bananas, but will pretty much eat anything you put in front of him.

He's taking two good naps a day.

Probably making up for all of the sleep we miss at night.

He likes to play "chase". If you put him down out of confinement, he'll crawl away SUPERFAST and just cackle. He's incredibly patient with Cali. She constantly wants to be all over him with hugs and kisses and (of course) belly drums and he just smiles and laughs at her. 

He is getting slightly better at the carseat. He still won't fall asleep in there. He is practicing his sounds saying a lot of "da-da-da-da's".

I hope (hope, hope, hope, fingers crossed) that he keeps his sweet, patient, nature. 

Maybe I shouldn't let him hang around Cali too much. She might be a bad influence.


I love these kids.

A lot.

And this kid...

I love him a lot, too.

Mi familia...

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