Friday, October 14, 2016

Family, House, Spoon.


Sorry. I forget I'm back in the south.


We are loving this fall(ish) weather lately. Seriously. We'll ignore the fact that the past two days have been in the 80's. For the most part, the weather has been PERFECTION.

We've been super busy lately between church, visiting family, school, ballet, etc. I'm not entirely used to this and I'll be honest by saying it's taking time to adjust. I'm used to Tim playing baseball and being gone all day while Cali and I do whatever we want which usually included hanging out at the beach all day or walking around some sort of zoo. 

For real. We have visited a LOT of zoo/safari/wildlife type places now that I think about it...

Anyways. Having schedule things that we have to be dressed and on time for makes our free time much more enjoyable!

Side note: how cute are these pants??! They're Neve and Hawk that my cousin bought for Cali and I'm in love.

Cali is loving school and gets pretty upset on days when she doesn't get to go. Her teachers are GREAT and her current favorite pretend play is her being the teacher and me being the student. It's adorable and I'm so happy she loves it so much! 

Nash is growing faster than I can clothe him. Seriously guys. I buy, what I think, is a closet full of clothes sure to get him through the winter and the next week, he's outgrown them all and needs more. 

What. is. this. nonsense????

My little runt, Cali, wore the same size clothes for 2 years so I'm out of my element here. My (almost) 10 month old wears 18-24 month clothes and I can't keep up with his growth spurts. 

But he's getting so silly. He likes to play chase and will look at you, laugh, and then crawl away really fast. It's adorable.

Our family has some other big news.

We're buying a house!

The one we're currently in is a rental and we've been looking at houses for a while. We've pretty much decided to build and we meet with our realtor tonight to work on a contract to present to the builder!!!!!!

We are seriously SO EXCITED and I'm looking forward to sharing the process through the blog and Instagram!

Also, side note. Look at these adorable knit overalls from Old Navy!

Another thing we're pretty excited about? 

This "pre-spoon" has been a life saver while Nash is learning to self-feed. There's two spoons; one for purees and one for more solids. This picture shows Nash eating his eggs with it. I just put the bite sized pieces on his high chair and he bangs the spoon down on top and the design allows for him to "catch" the food easily and feed himself! 

Our dog doesn't love it, however, because less food ends up on the floor for her to eat but this Momma loves it! And Nash's belly loves it. That's what counts.


Do you know what else I love about this company?

They have a 'Bite for Bite' initiative that donates a portion of every spoon sold to ending childhood hunger which is an issue that I'm pretty passionate about! So, win/win.

Their Kickstarter campaign has ended but you can find more info there or  pre-order their new bowl here!

Nom nom nom.

or.... Num, num?


Anyways, follow me on Instagram or on here to keep up with our progress on the new house and our family! I hope you guys are all enjoying this weather!


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