Thursday, July 11, 2013

Me vs. THE NAP

This is what my child looked like back when she took naps.
Oh, how I miss those times. 
Remember when I wrote this post and mentioned that my child is a cat napper? WELL I HATE IT. 
Not her!
The cat nap. 

It ruins my days and drives me BANANAS. I haven't shaved in a week because her naps aren't long enough for me to make it that far into my shower. 

I am NOT complaining. I L-O-V-E my child more than my own life and wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for the world. But I need her to nap. For her sake and my sanity. She's cranky when she doesn't nap. So am I. 
I read this post at MODGblog and am going to give it a shot. My child WILL nap. I will win the battle of the cat nap. I refuse to lose it. 

On another note...

I have a cute kid.