Monday, August 26, 2013

I Hope My Daughter Never Knows Who Miley Cyrus Is

Did you watch the VMA's last night????

Well I didn't because our TV is packed up already but nonetheless, I have seen this performance.


Look, I'm a very "live and let live" kinda girl. I have my beliefs and my boundaries but I don't expect everyone else's to match mine. I'm also typically a judge free zone because, hey, we've all screwed up.

But come on.

Where is her mother? Or father? Or aunt? Heck. Even her 2nd cousin twice removed on her granddad's side. Anybody.

Miley Cyrus was once this small. Oh, but not anymore. No.

This 20 year old girl dry humped a foam finger in her underwear. I feel like that's crossing all sorts of lines here.

Let's get serious for half a minute. 

Somebody should've stopped her from doing this. Not only for millions of viewers' sakes but for her sake. I'd like to think she'll regret this one day so I feel as though somebody should've put their foot down and said, "NO". Her parents would be the obvious choice but (by all appearances) her mother loved it. Maybe her manager or even the 36 year old man she was grinding on (I wonder how Mr. Seaver feels about this??).

It not only reeks of desperation (WE GET IT MILEY. You are not your Disney character) but it's replacing music and talent with sex. She has an amazing voice but that was - clearly - not what everyone was focused on last night.

Remember when parent's thought this girl was a bad influence?

I get it. She doesn't want to be my daughter's role model. Well trust me, I don't want her to be either. She's trying to be "unique" but really, that's NOT unique. We have enough modern artists that are selling their bodies and sex in order to sell more records. What we need are more artists that are bold enough to be different. Who have the confidence to stand up fully dressed and sell their talents, not their private parts.

Anyways, that's my soap box for the day.

I will now not allow Cali to watch cable TV until she's 30.
That is all.

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