Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas in Pictures


Sorry I've been MIA for a little bit but I was enjoying the holidays with my fam. Now they're over and here I am. 

That rhymed.

I thought I'd share our Christmas with a few (OK, a lot of) pictures. Sit back and buckle up. Here we go.

This is the Friday morning before Christmas. We left for Bama that day to see my family and I caught this cute picture before she woke up. It's been a while since I've gotten a precious sleeping picture.

She's been teething for a while and they finally all came in at once. Our dental bill will be huge.

I always swore I'd never be the mom that uses TV as a babysitter, yet here I am. When you're trying to pack for a week and your husband's not home, what's a girl to do? Fry up some foot and insert it into mouth. Delicious.

Cali got to spend some time with her great grandmother.

And I made her a holiday head warmer. T hates it.

She thoroughly enjoyed some quality play time with her BFF, Cooper.

My family is exhausting and our nap schedule kinda went out the window. She took a lot of car naps.

Of all of her Christmas toys she got, this cup was her favorite.


Kind of.

Here she is opening her first ever Christmas present!

She loves the (SUPER BLURRY) hat!

Just kidding! It was a (SUPER BLURRY but still super precious) swim diaper!

It's got these huge flowers on the bum and it's great.

She acquired some Bama swagger.

This might be one of the most unflattering (AND SUPER BLURRY) pictures that T and I have ever taken but look at Cali's face. She's so freaking happy.

What's with the blur???? Oh well. T and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve! Best 4 years of his life.

This was us on Christmas morning. T wasn't thrilled about being awake so early but he was a trooper.


My ginormous family.

We're 98% sure that T doesn't have something gross on his sleeve and that it's just the light. 

I mean, seriously.

Cali really liked the wrapping paper and bows.

My parents with Cali. She loves shiny things. T is in trouble.

She's sooooo slllooooowwww at unwrapping presents.

But she had fun.

What now?

Oh! A box!

She's giving somebody the look.

Muwahahaha. This makes me laugh.

T and I took our ninja/hippie test and passed with flying colors.

My great grandmother (Cali's great GREAT grandmother!) obviously wasn't ready for the picture and Cooper photo bombed us. Whatever. That's how we roll.

I loooooove my Kathryn. She's my sista from another mista.

Aaaaand we'll end things with some more BLURRY PICTURES.

Anyways. 90% of those were taken with a phone so you'll have to get over the blurriness. 

On a completely unrelated note…


I say "non" because he doesn't like to acknowledge it but I do.  So happy (non)birthday to the most amazing man I know. 

Also, it was Cali's 9 MONTH BIRTHDAY yesterday. I (per my usual) didn't take pictures on the actual day but I fully intend to do it today. Only 1 day late. But I did get this pic with my phone.

One day I just mmaaayyyy be that organized and on-time mom but today is not the day.

And let's be honest… tomorrow is probably not that day either.

Oh well.

Until next time!

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