Thursday, January 2, 2014

Boston or Bust!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog before or not but every winter since T and I have been married, we've packed up our belongings and moved to a Boston suburb called Hudson, MA. We're completely aware that we do it all backwards. You're supposed to move SOUTH for the winter, not North. But as cold as we get we've met some amazing people up there and we actually kinda love it. We originally moved there because T had heard about a training facility called Cressey Performance and the work that Eric Cressey had done with some baseball players. Once we got up there I started working out with programs that Tony Gentilcore writes for me and fell in love with a whole different side of fitness.  Through work and working out we've made friends and forged a temporary home. Well, as "home" as anywhere is for us. T also has a boyfriend in Matt Blake who repeatedly interrupts our date nights. We almost named Cali after him as Mattie. That's how serious their relationship is.

This is the weather forecast for tomorrow. What are we thinking??

Most of you know that T went back to school this past semester to try to finish up his degree since he was drafted after his Junior year. Georgia Tech requires that you be on campus for your last 30 something hours so because of that we've been living in Atlanta so far this off season. Well the crazy side of us has seriously missed Boston and all of our friends up there so we've decided to pack up our stuff once again and migrate North for at least the next month. 

T left Monday and is already up there to start his workouts. Cali and I are flying out tomorrow if the weather permits. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I'm nervous because of the flight and the weather. Hopefully, we don't freeze her out. And if anyone has any tips on how to fly with a 9 month old who won't. stop. moving., let me know, will  ya? Follow me on Instagram to keep up with the travels over the next few days.

Should be fun.

And here's a bit of our day yesterday...

She's starting to get into everything.

We went to an indoor play place yesterday for the first time and she had a lot of fun!

And she's trying to do pull ups. We teach them early.

Until next time.

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