Saturday, May 31, 2014

Going Whole30 Up in Here

Gooooood morning!

This is more of an accountability post than anything. Cali and I are starting a Whole30 on Monday and I wanted to record our goals, meals, and results. You can follow along on our journey with our  Instagram account, @framingcali. You can also visit my "Recipes" page and a lot of those are Whole30 approved.

Ever since T and I got to Connecticut, we've had difficulty finding somewhere to live. Apparently this is a huge vacation spot and people want $10,000 a month for rentals.

Yes. You read that right.

Sooooo this means we've been living out of a hotel which subsequently means we're eating out 3 meals a day and I'm stress eating on way too much candy.

This is what our car has looked like for over a month now.
There are a few things I'm hoping to improve through this and I  thought I'd touch on these really fast.

1. Figuring out Cali's issue
I've written about her issues before here and how we found out she's sensitive to gluten, dairy, and soy.  I'm still not convinced that we have it 100% figured out because of some lingering side effects. I'm still nursing her and the last time I did the Whole30 I was nursing her exclusively. This time, she'll join me in the program and I'm hoping that we can figure out exactly what's going on with her.

2. Kicking the sweet tooth
I have a HUGE sweet tooth. If it has sugar, I'll eat it. But my main issue is fruity, gummy, candies. Gummy bears, sour patch kids, chewy sprees, etc. I love them. And I've been eating way too many as of late. Also, I've gotten into the habit of putting stevia in my morning coffee and I'd like that to go too.

3. My skin
I don't have horrible skin but it could definitely use more glow. It's been looking a little paltry lately (which is probably due to the eating out and copious amounts of hotel bacon) so I'm looking forward to seeing that improve with the Whole30

This kid wears me out! Hopefully I'll find more energy on Whole30

4. Chuck the gum
I'm not sure how it happened but somewhere over the last several years I've become seriously addicted to... gum. Most of it has soy in it so I can only chew a few kinds now but before we found out Cali was allergic, I was guaranteed to have at least 5 different kinds of gum in my purse at all times. Gum isn't allowed on the Whole30 so I'm looking forward to getting rid of the habit.

5. Hydration
This isn't necessarily part of the Whole30 program but I am also hoping to improve my hydration while doing it. I'm HORRIBLE at remembering to drink water. Sometimes before bed I'll realize that the only liquids I've had to drink all day were my 2 cups of morning coffee. Oops.

6. Trigger Foods
Yes. Like an addict, I have certain "trigger foods" that I'm looking forward to getting a hold on. These are foods that, even if they're Whole30 compliant, when I eat one I want 100 (I'm looking at you, Larabars). So I'm hoping that by following the program strictly, they'll fail to be an issue.

This has nothing to do with this post. I just thought I'd add a cute picture to make it more enjoyable.

So those are my main goals. Numero Uno is Cali. She's still waking up quite often in the night and crying in what sounds like pain. Some nights are worse than others and I'm thinking that there's still something that her sensitive little GI tract is having trouble digesting. Hopefully this will fix the problem. I'll be reporting in on a (hopefully) regular basis to share recipes, tips on how we manage with so much travel, and updates on our expected progress.

Is anyone else starting Whole30 in June? Let me know and we'll keep each other accountable!!!

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