Monday, January 5, 2015

Aaaaand a Picture Update


Who am I?

But I though since my last post was just me showing off my child's toys, I thought I'd actually show her off this time. So here's a picture update of where we've been for the last few months. 

Hold onto your hats because it's kind of a whirlwind...

This pretty much sums up her personality these days.

Of course she's a huge fan of Frozen.

How cute are these cat shoes from Old Navy?!

Me and my granddad, Dink.

T played off season ball in Venezuela and Cali and I went!!!

She entertained herself well on the plane.

It had been a month since we'd seen T and Cali was SO. EXCITED!

I was too, of course. ;)

BFFs 4Eva

This was Thanksgiving day in Venezuela. They caught the fish and cooked it right in front of you!

Fish, squid, plantains, and avocado. Don't judge.

Cali has outgrown all of her food intolerances except dairy! This was her first sandwich.

T turned 30!

And my brother got married! It was a busy holiday.

She likes to drink her morning almond milk warmed up in a coffee mug like my coffee.

5th Anniversary!

My little elf.

Imagination Station in Gadsden, AL.


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