Monday, January 5, 2015

DIY Play Kitchen Showcase


I'll skip the "I'm so sorry I left you, I'll never do it again" speech and be real. Life has been busy and I'll probably go missing again for periods of time BUT for now I'm back and I'm back with a bang!

As you are all aware, it was just recently Christmas. T and I have gone back and forth on how we want to approach this holiday that has a ton of meaning for us as Cali gets older and we (hopefully) add to our brood. One of the things that we've settled on is that we never want it to be too commercialized and focused too heavily on presents. We settled on 3 presents this year for her and so I knew I wanted them to be great. 

Every time I take Cali to the gym, church, other kids' houses, etc., she always finds the play kitchen if there is one and will settle in for the remainder of her stay. I knew I had to get her one for Christmas because the one she has is a cheap plastic thing that always falls over on her. But looking at the good, wooden ones online, they were upwards of around $200. 

I didn't want to pay that. 

SO, luckily for me I have a very crafty family and enlisted the help of my cousin, Maddox, to "upcycle" me one from an old TV stand. If you go on Pinterest there are exactly 4,678,375,254 tutorials on how to do this.

Don't question me. I'm telling you it's true.

So anyways, Maddox killed it for $25!!! 


So of course I had to show it off to you. 

And while I'm at it, I'll walk you through what Cali's cooking today.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!?

We love it.

The fridge is a bit bare but no worries. We (I) have big plans. 


On the menu for today's dessert are these adorable, felt cupcakes from Old Navy.

Mmmm. Melt in your mouth. 

She's also whipping up some hearty vegetable soup.

Though, I have to brag to most of you that are stuck in the cold and snow because we're currently in the South of Florida and it's in the high 70's so we really don't need the soup to keep us warm.

I'm not sorry about this.

We are also having some grilled veggie sandwiches and fried eggs.

Tim's sister got Cali this great recycled sandwich set. You can find one like it here.

Let's talk about these eggs for a minute...

This is another thing Maddox made to go with the kitchen and they're one of Cali's favorite details.

She sewed the "yolk" onto the felt "egg white" and put them in plastic eggs. 


Anyways. I highly suggest that you make one of these if you have a toddler. Or have someone make one. Whichever.

This will keep Cali entertained for, literally, HOURS. If we're not swimming, we're cooking in her kitchen.

Yup. You read that right.

It's January and we're SWIMMING.


Guys, I've been in Boston for the last 5 winters. I am allowed to brag about this for a minute.

Ok. I hope you all had a great Christmas and I'll "see" you soon.


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