Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gus Numero DOS (And a Blog Update)

Oh, hi there.
This baseball season has, quite possibly, been the craziest yet. In the entire 6 months of the season we didn't fully unpack our car one. We constantly hopped from place to live to hotel and back. Our initial living fell through and it was all *down hill* from there.
Probably partly because of that, T has decided to leave the season early and finish his LAST semester of college! Woot! He was drafted after his junior year and is just now completing his degree so we're pretty excited about that.
Needless to say, I'm pretty darn excited to A) be able to unpack, B) stay in one place for longer than 2weeks at a time, and C) have my husband home for longer than a week.
on top of all of that...

We're (I'm) preggers. It's a boy and he's due in late December/early January. We're excited.
With all of these changes in our lives, the blog will be undergoing some changes as well. Seeing as how I procrastinate, be patient with me. I'm working on it slowly and it will get done, one thing at a time. When I finally finish everything, we'll have a "re-launch" of sorts with a giveaway.
Thanks for sticking with me and I'll see you soon!

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