Monday, February 1, 2016

Grand Re-Reveal!

There is so much to catch up on. I've been sporadically working on a redesign of the blog and figuring out a new direction to go.
"Why?" you ask?
Well, we're no longer vagabonds!
That's right, ladies and gents. Tim decided to leave the baseball life and we're (finally) settling down. Like adults. And unpacking our car.
It's preeeeeetty exciting (scary) stuff. We've been married 6 years and I'm just now unpacking wedding presents. It is like Christmas morning! And I love it.
It's a serious mind boggling experience to realize that the furniture I'm sitting on and the kitchen stuff I'm using isn't rented and I get to keep it. And we won't get kicked out after a couple of months. I can hang pictures!
Anyways, moving on.
Something else seriously exciting happened...

His name is Nash and we're all seriously in love with him.

Cali is obviously SMITTEN. I spend 99.9% of my time these days saying things like "OK, Cali. That's enough hugs and kisses for right now".
And can we talk about how much they look alike at this age?
Cali is on the left and Nash is on the right

 I know, they're babies. But I still look at him sometimes and am immediately thrown back to when Cali was this little. Which, by the way, I'm fairly certain was yesterday? HOW IS SHE ABOUT TO BE THREE?!?!
I guess that's another topic for another time.
Anyways, I'm just here to let you know that this blog is taking a different turn these days. I'm more domesticated ;)
I'll be spending my time here posting things like decorating my house, adjusting to life with two kids, and more recipes, and not as much about our travels and living out of our car.
Now that we're in one city and not using Dollar Tree utensils, I'm excited to dive more into the fitness and food side of things which has always been a passion of mine.
Hopefully these things are relevant and thanks for sticking around so long through the process! Every time I look at my page views I think to myself "Crap. I need to give these people something new to read" so that's what I plan on doing.
I'm going to watch "Grease:Live!" now. And cuddle this new baby.
I'll be seeing you all again here soon.
Promise :)

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