Friday, June 10, 2016

Life Update and Dyson v6 Car+Boat Review

Do you know what's sad? My "newborn" is about to be 6 months old.

I know. You can cry for me.

How did this happen!??! I seriously feel like I just had him and now he's CRAWLING and popping teeth! I have no idea who this baby is that replaced my newborn.

On one hand it really does make me want to cry because I know how fast it goes and he's that much closer to being a walking, talking, child. But on the other hand it's a relief because newborns still scare me.

No. I'm not kidding. They're scary.

Anyways, did you catch that earlier part? He's crawling, guys.

And with a toddler girl (think: Barbie shoes and earrings) and a dog (think: chew toy parts and hair) there seems to be a never ending supply of stuff on the floor that I don't want Nash putting in his mouth. 

That's where my new favorite *toy* comes into play!

*Drum roll please*

This thing is GENIUS. Seriously.

It says it's for the car and boat but I've renamed it the toddler and dog vacuum. It's a handheld vacuum except on steroids. It literally has vacuumed up everything I've put in it's path.

The day it arrived, I was as excited as Christmas!

So the mail guy dropped off the box...

I got so excited, I was nervous. I felt like I was on a first date.

My palms were sweaty, my heart was pounding...

Then I opened it...


The angels sang.

Look at all the goodies it comes with!

I'm in serious OCD heaven.

So I read the instructions and it says it initially has to charge for 3.5 hours.

So I set my timer...

*Tick Tock. Tick Tock*

Time is CRAWLING...


It's charged! I can try it out!!!

So I enlisted my trusty helper...

Isn't she cute? 


Also, that's how light and easy this thing is to use. My 3 year old uses it by herself.

Here's the before...

Gross, right?

Leave me along. I have a toddler and a dog.


Here's the after!


My OCD heart is happy.

Beautiful, huh? And this didn't take forever and scrubbing and muscle.

I have picture proof.


Up close on the seat.

The one thing I am not a *huge* fan of with my new minivan are the black seats. They show EVERYTHING. But now that I have my new toy, I just suck it up almost as soon as it hits the floor.

Not only do I use it on my car, I use it on my white couch, my floors where my baby crawls, the fridge when Cali spills berries, etc. It's sucked up blueberries, full size french fries, dog hair, and more Barbie shoes than I want Cali to find out about.

All of Dyson's products are amazing. 

I seriously think that.

Do you know my aunt's first (and only) piece of advice to me was when I got married?

"Go ahead and buy a Dyson vacuum because it will last forever and you'll end spending more money on cheap vacuums that break."

I'm not kidding or making this up. That was legitimately her marriage advice to me. THAT'S how much we love the Dyson products.

As a matter of fact, after I got mine in and she saw how much I loved it, my Aunt went out and bought one too!

And this product is no different. It, by far, is the most used cleaning product in my house. And that's saying a lot because with Tornado Cali around, I clean. A LOT.

So, if you're looking for a way to get a handle on the mess in your house, car, boat, etc, then you've found it! Let me know if you have/get one and how much you love it and how you use it!

Find it here!

Happy cleaning!

*NOTE* I was given a Dyson v6 Car+Boat in exchange for my HONEST review. I was under no obligation to fake a review or give an unionist opinion. Everything I have said, I HONESTLY believe. Had I not thoroughly enjoyed the product, I would've sent Dyson an email saying "Thanks, but no thanks." Seriously. You need one of these.

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